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Saigon Times, its Editor, Mr. Hữu Nguyên, and its Legal Counsel, Mr. Ho Ledinh, has relentlessly and tirelessly pursued the IDEAL: To Serve and Protect the Vietnamese-Australian from the underminings & attacks by VC. On the afternoon of 23/1/2018, after being shot 3 times, Mr. Ho Ledinh died in Huu Nguyen’s arms. Being the victim’s closest friend for 30 years, as well as an eyewitness of the killing, immediately afterward Huu Nguyen had assisted the police until 2am the next day.

Immediately after Mr Ledinh was killed, two most important questions were raised: WHO MASTERMINDED HIS KILLING? WHY THEY KILLED HIM? As long as these two questions aren’t satisfactorily answered, JUSTICE IS STILL NOT SERVED, CRIMES CERTAINLY STILL REIGN SUPREME, RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE’S LIVES ARE STILL AT RISK!

Even though police arrested and charged Arthur Kelekolio, the investigation still continues. And so, to assist in finding the answers to these two questions, all Australian citizens, loyal to Australia, its legal system, and its democracy, have the responsibility to honestly and courageously tell THE TRUTHS that they know well about Mr. Ledinh. This is the reason Saigon Times publishes 5 TRUTHS which lead to OUR SINCEREST SUSPICION THAT: THE VIETNAMESE COMMUNIST REGIME (VC) MASTERMINDED THE KILLING OF MR. HO LEDINH.

FIRST: Mr Ledinh was the Legal Counsel for Saigon Times (click here for details). It was he who decided to publicly raise on Saigon Times the following SUSPICIONS ABOUT THE GOVERNOR OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA, LE VAN HIEU:  1. Governor Le Van Hieu committed perjury.2. Le Van Hieu is a VC spy. 3. Le Van Hieu’s father followed VC since 1947. 4. Le Van Hieu breached his status as a refugee as per the UN Refugees Convention. 5. Le Van Hieu aided and abetted VC through the use of Vietnamese on student’s visa to break  the Vietnamese-Australian community, masquerading as anti-China protests. AS A RESULT OF MR. LEDINH’S DECISION, FROM SEPTEMBER 2016 Saigon Times published a series of roughly 10 articles about THE SUSPICIONS about Le Van Hieu. (click here for evidence)

SECOND: It was Mr Ledinh who decided that Saigon Times published a series of opinion pieces and comments from community leaders, authors, lawyers, people in the media and large numbers of readers, all criticised Le Van Hieu, including a letter to the Her Majesty, the Queen. AS A RESULT, WITH MR LEDINH’S DECISION, on 12/9/2016,  Saigon Times published a letter to the then Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, by Dr Tam Nguyen, Ph.D., (Department of Defence, DSTO Retd), who is now living in South Australia (click here for evidence)

THIRD, In mid-2017, it was Mr Ledinh who decided, towards the end of January 2018, to sue South Australia Governor Le Van Hieu with the followings: 1.PERJURY; 2. Breach of Public Trust; 3. Injure Her Majesty’s Honor; 4.  Damage the reputation of the Vietnamese-Australian community. 5. Spy for VC, creating division in, and undermining, the Vietnamese Australian community. AS A RESULT, WITH MR. LEDINH’S DECISION, in September 2017, a representative of Saigon Times – Huu Nguyen –  accompanied Mr Ledinh to meet with Barrister Clive Evatt at 15 Wardell Chambers in Sydney and gave him the  letter of claim “Saigon Times vs Le Van Hieu”. (click here for evidence)

FOURTH, Mr Ledinh knew very well VC is increasing their penetration, undermining and destruction of the Vietnamese-Australian Community. He also SUSPECTED Ms Tran Kieu Ngoc, SA solicitor, HAD BEEN SELECTED BY VT (A FAKE PRO-DEMOCRACY PARTY SET UP BY VC) TO TRAIN IN VIETNAM, BECAME A FEMALE PROPAGANDA CADRE, AND THEN RETURNED TO OVERSEAS, TO CARRY OUT THE VIETNAMESE COMMUNIST REGIME’S POLICY: ACTING AS A FAKE OPPOSITION TO KILL OFF REAL OPPOSITION. AS A RESULT, IN September 2017,  Mr Ledinh was interviewed by Saigon Times and he honestly, and frankly presented the SUSPICIONS he had about Tran Kieu Ngoc, Viet Tan and VC. (click here for evidence) 

FIFTH, true to a line he loved from Shakespeare “A coward dies a thousand times before his death; the valiant never taste of death but once”, and firmly believed that “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”, Mr Ledinh always courageously, frankly and publicly denounced – through his speeches, articles, interviews – the shadowy forces (whose strings are pulled by VC) that undermine the Vietnamese Australian community. This was despite the fact that he and the Saigon Times had, many times, been terrorised, threatened and assaulted. Because he was threatened so many times, Mr Ledinh had foretold his death when he said:“For sure, not deathbed. I will be more popular in my death”. (click here for evidence)

As Vietnamese refugees as well as citizens of Australia, we have duties and obligations to be loyal to Australia as well as to our Vietnamese community. To fulfill our duties and obligations, we have the responsibility to honestly and courageously tell THE TRUTHS WHICH LEAD US TO OUR SINCEREST SUSPICION THAT: THE VIETNAMESE COMMUNIST REGIME MASTERMINDED THE KILLING OF MR. HO LEDINH.

Media contacts:
Hữu Nguyên (Mob: 0422 240 389 – Email:
Vivian Võ (Mob: 0406 818 981 – Email:
Notice of Liability: To ensure that freedom of speech is supported and fully exercised, all articles, opinions and photos, which are published and disseminated by Saigon Times in all formats (in print, via email, or online), are vetted and approved by Anti-Slapp-Now Pty Ltd who takes full legal responsibility. All complaints, disputes, please refer to the Notice of Liability on Saigon Times website. (Vietnamese – English)

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