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Legal Liability of Anti-Slapp-Now Pty. Ltd. & Saigon Times, the past  20 years and the future…

(Việt: Trách Nhiệm Pháp Lý của Công Ty Anti-Slapp-Now Pty. Ltd. & Saigon Times, 20 năm đã qua và tương lai…)


In order to ensure that freedom of speech is encouraged and fully exercised, Anti-Slapp-Now Pty. Ltd. (ASN), in its role as Legal Counsel for Saigon Times (SGT) from 05/02/2018, hereby gives notice that:

1. All articles, opinions, and images, which are published and disseminated by SGT from 05/02/2018, in all formats (in print, via email, or online), are vetted and approved by ASN. ASN takes full legal responsibility for them. Therefore, the authors of these articles, opinions, and images, as well as the printers, the distributors of the newspaper, the newsagents, the e-forums, are exempted from all civil and criminal liabilities.

2. All inquiries, complaints, disputes, etc. with the SGT, must be written in both English and Vietnamese and sent by email to AND by certified mail or registered mail to:

Anti-Slapp-Now Pty. Ltd.
604/11 Jacobs Street
Bankstown NSW 2200

3. There will be no reply given to any and all inquiries, complaints, disputes, etc sent directly to SGT.

Huu Chi Nguyen

Saigon Times
The past  20 years and the future

Following is a summary of the road on which SGT has traveled for over 20 years and will continue to do so in the future…

On January 20th, 1993, the Saigon Times weekly newspaper was first launched in Australia, with the  contribution of labours, minds and hearts, from many Vietnamese refugees fleeing from the communist regime, who had always dreamt of contributing to the struggle for freedom and at the same time, of building a successful and cohesive community in Australia. Throughout the years, even though faced with many difficulties – there were times when the publication had to change to monthly, or gone into hiatus – but the Saigon Times still adhered unwaveringly to its original ideals, until it had to cease publication on June 27th, 2013. Exactly 3 years later, on June 27th, 2016, once again the pursuit of the original ideals continued when Saigon Times was transformed into Saigon Times Online (STO),

During the past 20 years with nearly 800 issues, the Saigon Times has always been the newspaper that closely follows and supports the activities which contribute to the struggle and to the building of the community. Someone once said “Newspaper is history in a hurry”, We can modestly said that, in some respects, during a certain period of time, “the Saigon Times is a quickly written history of the Vietnamese community in Australia”. In reviewing the pages of the old issues, we see that Saigon Times interviewed most of the important people and persona, reported on most of the memorable events in the community. Saigon Times also analyzed and dissected all of them through many angles, with extensive and diverse contributions from our readers. In the spirit of learning from the past to understand the future, we realise that, through reviewing our archive of past issues, we can understand what is happening today. And conversely, what happens now gives answers to puzzles of the past. Thus, if in the past, the Saigon Times was a “quickly written history of the community”, then, besides the “quick and instantaneous” role of a newspaper, Saigon Times Online is “the history of the community”, being carefully and accurately recorded, and come closer to THE TRUTH.

15 years ago (*) we believed that the overseas Vietnamese media will enter the ERA WHERE EACH VIETNAMESE PERSON IS A JOURNALIST. Today, with the extensive development of the internet, and with the commitment of many of our compatriots, Saigon Times Online will continue to serve the genuine freedom of expression for ALL VIETNAMESE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. Anyone, anywhere, at any time, who, through their good will, wishes to comment, criticize, denounce, protest, defend, praise … any individual or organization … about any issue, can send their articles to congdongmang@saigontimes or directly contribute at without revealing their name, email address and taking any liability.

Always admiring a famous saying of Albert Einstein  – “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who are good and don’t do anything about it” – we sincerely hope that you will contribute and light a small candle to dispel any kind of darkness, though near or far.

Respectfully yours
Huu Nguyen 

(*) “Look forward to the Vision of the future, in a few decades or half a century, if Vietnamese newspapers and their readers take advantage of the tremendous and diverse benefits of the internet, we believe the overseas Vietnamese media will enter the NEW ERA WHERE EACH VIETNAMESE PERSON IS A JOURNALIST! (Huu Nguyen’s Speech “The Future of Vietnamese Newspaper” delivered in the conference celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Vietnamese Community in Australia, on November 3, 2000)

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