TIẾNG VIỆT: Phỏng vấn LS Lê Đình Hồ

Posted 08/09/2017 by Huu Nguyen

Dear Readers,

Mr Ho Ledinh, Solicitor, (LS LDH), author of  the “Dictionary of Political Analysis and International Relations” (1994) and the “Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese Dictionary of Law” (2004), had known Ms Tran Kieu Ngoc (TKN) about 10 years ago, and was well aware, at the time, that she was a member of the Viet Tan party (VT) trying to infiltrate the Saigon Times (SGT) when she expressed her wish to be an intern at his law office.

Above: Sydney, Sunday, 29/8/2004, Mr Ho Ledinh at the launch of his “Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese Dictionary of Law”

In the interview below, LS LDH divulges a number of important matters: First, he confirms that TKN went to Vietnam under the guise of doing charitable works and teaching English, but, in reality, to be trained as a propaganda cadre, then return to spread propaganda and poison the minds of the younger (Vietnamese) expatriate generations. Second, in the last 30+ years, The Front (MT – the organisation which later changed its name to Viet Tan) & VT uses the banner of “Restoring Vietnam’s independence, Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam” as a smokescreen behind which to carry out terrorising activities and psychological warfare to create a state of fear, to sow widespread discords and deep suspicion amongst the Vietnamese communities overseas.  Particularly, he had righteously sent a clear message to those backing Vietanite TKN: “Respect you, that’s right! But we respect and cherish the rights of our country, of our people and of our community many times more. And thus, we strongly reject everyone who lends a hand to Vietanite TKN to endanger our homeland, our country, our people and our community”.

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Hữu Nguyên

Interview with Mr Ho Ledinh, Solicitor
Trần Kiều Ngọc planned to infiltrate Sàigòn Times!

Hữu Nguyên –


LS LDH answered the media after a trial in NSW. – Courtesy Channel 9

HỮU NGUYÊN: Mr Ledinh, in what situation did you come to know Ms Trần Kiều Ngọc (TKN)?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  About 10 years ago, after graduating from her law course, TKN expressed the wish to be an intern at my office. At the time, it wasn’t convenient, so I declined. But, because of that, I came to know her, and, it can be said, KNOWING (HER) VERY WELL!

HỮU NGUYÊN: What do you mean by KNOWING (HER) VERY WELL?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  At the time, due to various reasons, it was not convenient to let Ms TKN be an intern at my office. However, thereafter, I still kept in touch and met with Ms TKN as one of my younger colleagues. A number of my long-termed clients, on seeing that I was friendly to Ms TKN at the time, alerted me that Ms TKN is a party member of Viet Tan (VT). They also believed the fact that she sought an internship at my office was only a secondary purpose, and the main purpose is to infiltrate the Saigon Times newspaper because this is a newspaper that is open, righteously and courageously anti-Vietnamese communist (VC) and VT. And I, personally, at that time, was working closely with Saigon Times as a member of its editorial team as well as its legal counsel (1). Based on that information, I researched and kept in contact with Ms TKN when she was staying in Sydney, and I realised that the information was accurate.

HỮU NGUYÊN: Did you ever hear she say that she was a party member of VT?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ: No. But I strongly believe it was like that.


LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Because my trustworthy and reliable clients confirmed it. And not only one person, but three, four people all asserted so. Furthermore, there were two important points as well. One, my experience of VT. Two, Ms TKN’s activities.


Sàigòn Times Special Issue dated 17/5/2012, to farewell Mr Nguyễn Quang Toại to the eternal realm. He was the person who immediately resigned from the position of Regional Leader of the Australian Region (of The Front – MT), after discovering the true identity of its General Secretary, Ly Thai Hung, as a VC mole, when he (Ly) visited Australia.

HỮU NGUYÊN: Please, can you elaborate on these two points?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  First point, throughout the period of more than a decade that I had the honour of knowing and being close to Mr Nguyễn Quang Toại, Consultant for Sàigòn Times, who was formerly a colonel in the Republic of Vietnam’s Air Force, and the first Regional Leader of the Australian Region for The Front, when Ly Thai Hung came to Australia in the mid 1980s, in the first instance of meeting, he saw through to his true face, and that of MT, so, he left MT immediately afterwards, he often confided in me, so I learnt many of the tactics and manoeuvres of MT, and of VT. Also, in the score of years of participating in the community’s activities, I have often met with, and talked to, people from MT/VT, from those members who are true anti-VC patriots to the manipulative, scheming, and dangerous VT leaders in Australia, in the US, in France, like Lý Thái Hùng, Nguyễn Kim, Nguyễn Ngọc Đức, Nguyễn Đỗ Thanh Phong, Đặng Quốc Sủng… Because of that, I know MT/VT always uses the method of “searching and discovering” talents, and then through gifts, assistance such as helping to move house, removing trash, buying car etc.. or through friendship.. to cleverly “approach and attract” those talents, especially amongst students, both high school and university, because these young people are young and naive, and easily fall prey to VT’s lure through social and communal activities. And then, step by step, VT leads them, recruits them to the party, and then plant them inside the organisations within the community so it can manipulate and creates division. Because of this, the Vietnamese community overseas calls them “undercover VT party members” (2). Of course these “undercover VT party members” never admit to being a party member of VT, but anyone who is observant, who has experience of, and who comes into regular contact with VT, will recognise their true identity. And I believe, Ms TKN is of this type of Vietanite.

HỮU NGUYÊN: What about the second point, TKN’s activities?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Ms TKN is a person with a long-held dream, an ambition, an illusion, of being in politics. By “politics” I mean “love of power”. With these people, power is their life. With no power, their life will be meaningless. (Powerless = Lifeless). And reality shows that, as with the fish, those that are cunning, sly and swift usually are those that get hooked and caught, and the people who are cunning, ambitious, love “power” would easily get baited by VT and VC. Ms TKN herself admitted that, while a uni student, she had held the position of President of the Vietnamese Students’ Association at Adelaide University. Afterwards, she also participated in the Management Committee of The Vietnamese Professionals’ Association, which is a VT’s satellite organisation. Furthermore, she also admitted that she “is a member of the committee that examines and approve applications of the bursary for poor students in Vietnam, a program set up by the Vietnamese Professionals’ Association in South Australia.

HỮU NGUYÊN: When and where did TKN make those admissions?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  The very website for Ms TKN’s law office admitted so. Anyone wishing to know the exact details, follow this link CARESLAWYERS.


HỮU NGUYÊN: In answer to Mr Trần Hưng Việt (QLD), Ms TKN also said that she had twice attended the Congress of Vietnamese Youth and Students World Wide organised by VT’s Network of Vietnamese Embarking Youth?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Yes, that is also another evidence proving that Ms TKN already had an intimate link with VT when she was yet 20 years old. Furthermore, Ms TKN also shared that, in her early 20s, while studying laws, she had gone to Vietnam many times to do charitable works and to teach English. But, through the things that Ms TKN has done for the benefits of the communist regime, and the evidence that our compatriots gave, plus her ability to turning black into white when speaking publicly in Vietnamese, not unlike a female VC cadre, and her habit of lying like VC, I can wholeheartedly assert that WHEN SHE WAS BARELY IN HER EARLY 20S, TKN HAD BEEN SELECTED BY VT TO TRAIN IN VIETNAM, BECAME A FEMALE PROPAGANDA CADRE, AND THEN RETURNED TO OVERSEAS, TO CARRY OUT THE VIETNAMESE COMMUNIST REGIME’S POLICY: ACTING AS A FAKE OPPOSITION TO KILL OFF REAL OPPOSITION


LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Usually, REAL OPPOSITION is very dangerous to any dictatorship, because they’re hard to control. So, the dictatorial regimes, especially the communist regimes, always create a fake opposition to attract the real dissidents, the real opposition, and then monitor, control and extinguish them. Lenin, the Supreme communist leader once claimed: “The best way to control the [real] opposition is to create a [fake] opposition, and lead it ourselves”.

HỮU NGUYÊN: So, is TKN a fake opposition downcard in VT’s hand or VC’s hand?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ: VT and  VC is THE SAME. This is first and foremost an extremely important point that the Vietnamese community overseas must understand before they can start talking about protecting the community and fight against the communist regime. Therefore, saying that TKN is a VT’s downcard also means that TKN is a VC’s downcard and vice versa.


HỮU NGUYÊN: What makes you assert that VT & VC is ONE and THE SAME?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  As I just explained, the communist regime always uses the strategy of “fake opposition extinguishing real opposition”. So, after 1975, witnessing the establishment and growth of the Vietnamese community overseas which became the important driving force in a fight to the death against the evil Vietnamese Communist regime, VC quickly created a number of fake resistance movements, amongst which was MT, to attract and kill the real resistance fighters. Forward to the 21st century, seeing the rapid development of the pro-democracy movements, VC immediately produces fake pro-democracy movements, amongst which is VT, to attract and destroy the real dissidents, the real activists. TKN is one of the downcards that VC use to carry out this strategy.

HỮU NGUYÊN: So you say that MT in the past, and VT now, has committed too many crimes against the Vietnamese communities overseas as well as against the Vietnamese people?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ: IT IS EVIDENTLY THE TRUTH. But we have to understand that the genuine resistance fighters joining MT in the past, and the bona fide pro-democracy activists now, are people who are really patriotic..

HỮU NGUYÊN: Only the leadership of MT and VT are criminals…

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ: That’s the truth. We have to remember that, in the last decades, they use the banner of “Restoring Vietnam’s independence, Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam” as a smokescreen behind which to carry out terrorising activities and psychological warfare to create a state of fear, to sow widespread discords and deep suspicion amongst the Vietnamese community overseas. There is an English acronym for that situation: F.U.D., meaning Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.


HỮU NGUYÊN: Even more dangerous is the fact that all the bosses of MT/VT are people “lying like VC”, who skilfully infiltrate into the organisations and groups within the community to create divisions and conflicts…

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Correct. Those are also disastrous consequences from the works of MT & VT. As people who lived and grew up in a democracy from before 1975, the expatriate Vietnamese all recognise that in the struggle as well as in the building of the community, HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY ARE IMPORTANT CONDITIONS. However, in the last decades, at VC’s command, MT & VT has used terror and psychological warfare to sow and spread FALSEHOODS, SUSPICIONS, DIVISIONS AND EVIL INTRIGUES in the community everywhere. So, it is no wonder to see the lies, the falsehoods and the inconsistencies from TKN and other Vietanites. Once upon a time, in Vietnam, there was a saying that “if not lying, can’t be VC”. Now, overseas, people rightly say “if not lying, can’t be VT”.


HỮU NGUYÊN: Facing THE FALSEHOODS AND EVIL INTRIGUES by VT & TKN, many spiritual leaders, community leaders, and even a number of people well-respected for their anti-Vietnamese-communist stance, WITH COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE (OF THOSE), remain silent. Do you think that is dangerous?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Very dangerous! That attitude is condemnable and very dangerous to us now and our children in the future. At this moment, I remember the quote from Albert Einstein “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the good people who don’t do anything about it.

HỮU NGUYÊN: Even worse, many people cheer and praise them.

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Correct, many people aid and abet VT’s LIES AND CRIMES, so, like wildfires fanned by the winds, they spread left, right and center in the community. As a result, today, many people are right to think that it is more dangerous living overseas with VC & VT masquerading as NATIONALISTS, WRAPPED IN THE GOLDEN FLAG (REPUBLIC OF SOUTH VIETNAM’S FLAG) than living in Vietnam with the REAL VC!


HỮU NGUYÊN: Mr Ledinh, is it the fact because VC/VT – masquerading as nationalists – numbers  widely amongst the community ranks that there is complete silence from leadership of the Vietnamese Community in Australia about the blatant treachery of Governor Le Van Hieu, when he, a person with the status of a refugee fleeing from communists, openly went back to Vietnam to co-operate with VC?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  I think it is a reasonable assumption. It is a worrying silence proving that betrayal reigns in our community

HỮU NGUYÊN: And if Le Van Hieu is a VC’s mole, then he would also be an undercover Vietanite?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  As I said before, VT and VC are one and the same. Of course, this is only true for the top leadership of VT. The majority of the followers of MT in the past, and VT now, they are all patriots, but for one reason or another, follow MT & VT, and dance to their tunes and inadvertently become guilty…


HỮU NGUYÊN: Ms TKN is an undercover Vietanite, grew up and works in Adelaide, a VT’s and Le Van Hieu’s den. So, you think, there must be an intimate and secret link between Le Van Hieu and TKN?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ: That is what I also suspect, and, I strongly believe, from a certain angle, there is a connection between Le Van Hieu and TKN.

HỮU NGUYÊN: A short time after Saigon Times published a series of articles exposing the Le Van Hieu’s traitorous face, Mr Võ Đại Tôn sent us a video clip, and he told us that in the video clip TKN has criticised Le Van Hieu. I have forwarded that clip to a number of friends, including you..

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ: Yes, I received and watched it. But TKN only fleetingly mentioned it…

HỮU NGUYÊN: That’s true. TKN only spoke a few simple sentences, neither here nor there.

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  I think it is evidently clear about the role of Le Van Hieu as a VC mole. So, when Saigon Times, in a series of articles, exposed his role (click here to see a summary about LVH), of course, the network of VC’s agents in Adelaide must, by all means, cut all ties with Le Van Hieu to avoid being collaterals. So, in view of TKN’s identity as an undercover Vietanite at the moment, I see TKN’s criticism of Le Van Hieu as proof that TKN was afraid of being a collateral, of being exposed and ruin the acts she’s about to carry out, so she hastily raised her voice to denounce Le Van Hieu. But, due to her immaturity, and her haste, her denunciation became her admission. An admission without being interrogated…


Lê Văn Hiếu (with glasses in the middle), in name a Governor representing the Queen, but has shamed the Queen for his own immediate fame and fortune, returning to Vietnam he had gone to many places inviting “Red Communist seeds” to study in Australia, regardless of consequences. These “Red Communist seeds”  will undermine, create havoc and corrupt Australia and the freedom-loving Vietnamese in Australia. Above: LVH has photo taken with hundreds amongst thousands “Red Communist seeds” – including the elite “Red Communist seeds” from Nguyễn Tất Thành University (Nguyễn Tất Thành is the real name of Ho Chi Minh) – who have been, is being, and will be brought to Australia by Le Van Hieu.

HỮU NGUYÊN: Since the last few decades, Adelaide has been a den of VT and VC, from where governor Lê Văn Hiếu aids and abets VC, each year importing thousands of students who are “HoChiMinh pioneer youth”, and now, with TKN’s assistance (in this endeavour), do you see it as a concerning matter for the community in South Australia?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ: Yes, it’s a worrying scenario, or more correctly speaking, very dangerous one for South Australia, and Australia as a whole. The more critical and menacing point is that Le Van Hieu aided and abetted VC, and so it is certain that he is also an abettor for Chinese communist regime, because the relationship between the Chinese communist regime and VC is that of master and serf. Evidence showed that shortly after going to Vietnam, Le Van Hieu went to China. This proved that Le Van Hieu has been given by VC to their masters in China. In that case, I am afraid that South Australia will gradually be being dyed Red, or more correctly, will be turned by China and VC into the communist. 

HỮU NGUYÊN: How long before that scenario will happen?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  Why WILL???? It HAS HAPPENED and IS HAPPENING every second, every minute.. I recall a few years ago, when I appeared in court in Adelaide for a civil case between Vietnamese individuals, a number of political organisations that I believe are VT’s, have politicised the case, and organised demonstration right in front of the court. Scores of people in brown uniforms, wearing placards denouncing me with the words “Le Dinh Ho”, walking to and fro in front of the courthouse like “a herd of cattle in the city”.  So, if we are not courageous and don’t unite to fight against the manipulation by VC and VT right here, we and our children will become victims of these forces, both shadowy and out in the open, whose strings are pulled by VT & VC.


HỮU NGUYÊN: Mr Ledinh, what’s your thought, in view of the lies, the deceptions and manipulations by VT/VC/TKN and the treacherous backing from those spiritual and community leaders (to them)?

LS LÊ ĐÌNH HỒ:  We all know VC & VT are the dangerous enemies of our homeland, our people and our community. But, MUCH MORE DANGEROUS when they HIDE BEHIND THE GOLDEN FLAG, chúng NÚP BÓNG CỜ VÀNG, MASQUERADING AS PRO-DEMOCRACY, PRO-HUMAN RIGHTS, PATRIOTS! And THIS DANGER increases a hundred times when the spiritual and community leaders aid and abet them. With this firm conviction, I would like to take this opportunity to directly inform those who aid and abet VT & TKN: Respect you, that’s right! But we respect and cherish the rights of our country, of our people and of our community many times more. And thus, we strongly reject everyone who lends a hand to VC/VT/TKN to endanger our homeland, our country, our people and our community.

HỮU NGUYÊN:  Thank you for your fearless, frank and fresh view which shine a light on many important issues, your forewarning of dangerous scenarios, particularly the serious problem that is TKN, as well as the treacherous aiding and abetting evil by some spiritual and community leaders

Hữu Nguyên

(1) The fact is, in the more than 20 years of its existence, Saigon Times had been the target of attack or filtration by both VC and VT, by tactics such as bribery,enticement (suggesting to contribute capitals to publish a daily newspaper, using honey trap, sending people to seek work, seek traineeship…) or harassment via phone, maliciously damaging vehicles, scaring family, threatening commercial clients, including the assault of Mr Pham Thanh Phuong, Assistant Editor of the Saigon Times on the night of Friday 3/11/2006

(2) Reliable source discloses that VT has 3 types of party members: “White Shirt” Vietanites, or commonly call undercover VT, never publicly appear as a member of Viet Tan, only those with authority in VT has knowledge of these. “Black Shirt” Vietanites, these also never publicly appear, but they are planted inside other organisations, groups. “Green Shirt” Vietanites, publicly active as VT’s party members.

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